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Broadband National provides special assistance to businesses trying to locate high speed Internet access for multiple locations. With our proprietary systems and network of all the cable providers, we can easily locate the best cable broadband services wherever you do business. Use the following form to tell us about your business, and Broadband National will assign an experienced multi location specialist to identify the cable broadband options for each location.
Call 786-866-6725 for more details.

Business class cable high speed Internet service also provides an effective auxiliary broadband solution in the event your organization's primary circuit goes down or suffers a prolonged performance problem. Opting for cable for this solution is superior choice to traditional dial-up as during any form of a problem that effects the packet-driven bandwidth, you can maintain broadband-quality speed and performance.
Additionally, since cable functions over a different infrastructure than DSL or T-1s, using cable Internet as a back-up option makes even more sense.

Please complete the service request form or call us directly at (786).866.6725 for more information.
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